Auschwitz symbolizes the worst dehumanization ever. For many of us, descendants of victims and perpetrators, the shoah's impact is still present. Our aim is to face the anguish which still moves us.


In the previous conferences about 70 participants from Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, US, Serbia and Israel met to process uncontained emotions. Experiences of anxiety, shame, guilt and anger were met and addressed.


In the conference our identifications and difficulties can be experienced and discussed through a combination of movies and participation in small and large groups. We share an effort to digest better the shoah's burdens. To contain the uncontainable together becomes an ongoing process which brings relief. Engaging with our transgenerational heritage we may encounter our parents' and grandparents' suffering, violence and unspeakable feelings in a more human way, which may be also more friendly for us. We have already found that this shared effort to cope with our delegations facilitates thinking and taking responsibility for our own destinies.


In Berlin/Harnack House we hope to make a further step in our huge endeavor. All those burdened by the shoah, those of us with and without Jewish heritage from all over the world are invited to participate.

The Small Groups are conducted in a group analytic way.


The Large Group is conducted by an Israeli and a German Group Analyst.


Organizing Committee:

  • Robi Friedman, Haifa
  • Marita Barthel-Rösing, Bremen
  • Marit Joffe-Milstein, Tel Aviv
  • Regine Scholz, Düsseldorf


Flyer of the conference
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