• Group Analyst.
  • Clinical Psychologist 
  • Supervisor, Training Psychoanalyst

Hanni Biran, M.A. Born in Israel to a family of an Iranian origin. Married, two children and four grandchildren. Clinical psychologist and supervisor, training psychoanalyst, Tel-Aviv Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Group Analyst. The Israeli Institute Of Group Analysis. Works in private practice, teaches at Tel-Aviv University and at TA Institute of Psychoanalysis, a member of PsychoActive. Published many papers on social unconscious processes, group dynamic, Social-Dreaming. Focused on W. R. Bion and elaborates on his concepts.

Her book "The courage of simplicity", illustrations of Bion's theory, is now in print and will be published soon by Karnac.


Selected articles:

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  • Biran, H. Using Bion’s binocular vision in organizational role analysis (2006), Coaching in depth, Newton, S. Long S. Sievers B, Ed, Karnac 
  • Biran, H. (2003). The difficulty of channeling Rage into Dialogue, Psychotherapie Forum, Springer Wien New York publishers, 11 (1):27-33. Biran, H. (2003). Relationship and Relatedness between the Elementary School as a System and its Violent Parts. In W. G. 
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