• Group Analyst
  • Group Analytic Supervisor & Organizational Consultant
  • Couple and Family Therapist

Pieter Hutz, M.A. was born in Frankfurt/Main Germany. After his first profession as a merchant marine seaman he studied sociology in Frankfurt and Berlin. His group analytical training he had at the Institute of Group Analysis Heidelberg (IGA). Since 20 years he works as group analyst, group analytic supervisor and organizational consultant and as a couple- and family therapist in private practice in Berlin. He is training analyst in several German group analytic institutes.

During nine years he was the chairman oft the IGA Heidelberg. Since its founding in 2011 he is chairman of the German Society of Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy (D3G). Also since 2011, he co-conducts, together with Marita Barthel-Rösing and Georg Hess, the yearly Postgraduate Seminar of the Zurich Group Analytic Institute (SGAZ). Married, father of a son and grandfather.