• Senior Clinical Psychologist 
  • Group Analyst
  • Member of the Israeli Institute for Group Analysis

Ruth Duek, M.A, Senior Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst. Born in the USA to German-Jewish refugees. Made  aliyah to Israel at the age of 15. Mother and grandmother.


Formerly Co-chairwoman of Besod Siach Organization for the Promotion of Dialogue between Conflict Groups in Israeli 

Society. Member of the Israeli Institute for Group Analysis.

Former Head Psychologist for the Israeli Prison System and establisher of its clinical psychology internship 



Since 2010 I have participated in four PCCA conferences for German-Israeli Dialogue.

I have completed training groups at IFSI and Tavistock conferences.

I have served on staff and also directed 2 annual Besod Siach conferences that included a broad spectrum of conflict groups in Israeli society (Arabs and Jews, hawks and doves, Eastern and Western Jews, secular, religious and ultra-orthodox Jews, new immigrants and veterans in the country.) 

For Besod Siach I prepared the curriculum, lectured, supervised and administered a course for consultants to secular and religious dialogue groups.

In my private practice I do individual, couples and group-analytic therapy. 


I have special expertise in dealing with incestuous families - perpetrators, bystanders and victims - and have given courses to social workers dealing with incest survivors and their families. 

While serving as Head Psychologist of the Israeli Prison System – I also did therapy with sex offenders and perpetrators of incest. This serves as part of my background in working with incestuous families.