Regine Scholz, PhD., group analyst, licensed psychotherapist. Since 1987 she works in private practice, specialized in trauma treatment. 

From 2010-2017 member of the Management Committee of the Group Analytic Society International (GASI). Speaker of the Special Interest Group “Group Analysis in Education, Culture and Society” within the German Society for Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy (D3G). Fellow of the International Dialogue Initiative (IDI), an organization founded by Vamik Volkan, dedicated to bring a psychologically-informed perspective to the study and amelioration of societal conflict.

She is supervisor and training analyst at D3G and member of Training staff of the Munster Institute of Therapeutic and Applied Group Analysis, former editor of "Arbeitshefte Gruppenanalyse" (Psychosozial) and member of the editorial board of the journal group analysis 

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Robi Friedman, PhD., Born in Uruguay, to German and Czech refugees, married, with three children and seven grandchildren. Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst,  President of the Group Analytic Society (International). Co – founder of the  Israeli Institute of Group Analysis and its former President; Past- President of the Israeli Association for Group Psychotherapy; writes on Dreamtelling and Relational Disorders. Works in private practice and teaches at the IIGA and the Haifa University, conducts conflict dialogues with Palestinians and co-leads with Volkan and Alderdice a West/Islam Dialogue called IDI (International Dialogue Initiative). 20 Haagstr. 3498026 Haifa, ISRAEL.

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Marit Joffe Milstein, M.A., Born in Ramat-Gan, living in Tel Aviv, married and has three children. 

She is the current chairwoman of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis (IIGA),

and a board member of the Group Analytic Society International (GASi).

Marit is a Group Analyst ,Supervisor and Training Psychodramatist.

Works in her private practice with individuals, families and groups, and in Shiba Hospital - with Eating Disorders. 

She is teaching in several colleges in Israel and a staff member of IIGA. 

Marit works as conductor and supervisor with  Small, Median ad Large groups in variety of Health organizations and gives workshops combining expressive art therapy and group analysis.

On her role as IIGA chair, she initiated and was part of many projects for the benefit of conflict resolution in different communities in Israel. 

She was co-chair of the 2nd and 2rd Israeli  IIGA International workshop in Gonen, 2013, 2016, and of "Citizen in War" International conference in Prague 2016.

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Marita Barthel-Rösing, Group Analyst, Training Group Analyst, Group Analytic Supervisor and Organizational Consultant, Psychoanalyst CY.   

Working in private practice in Bremen and as Group Analytic Supervisor in clinics and other organizations, conductor of large groups. Co-founder and until 2017 co-conductor of the yearly Postgraduate Seminar in the Seminar of Group Analysis Zurich SGAZ. Since 2005 member of the board of th "Bremer Arbeitsgruppe für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie". 

From 2011 until 2017 member of the Management Committee of the German Society of Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapie D3G.

Working in co-operation with the Documentary-Film-Maker Wilhelm Rösing on documentaries with survivors of the Shoah.

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