• Group Analyst
  • Psychodramatist Expressive Art Therapist, Supervisor 
  • Chairwoman of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis (IIGA)



Marit Joffe Milstein, M.A., Born in Ramat-Gan, living in Tel Aviv, married and has three children. 

She is the current chairwoman of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis (IIGA),

and a board member of the Group Analytic Society International (GASi).

Marit is a Group Analyst ,Supervisor and Training Psychodramatist.

Works in her private practice with individuals, families and groups, and in Shiba Hospital - with Eating Disorders. 

She is teaching in several colleges in Israel and a staff member of IIGA. 

Marit works as conductor and supervisor with  Small, Median ad Large groups in variety of Health organizations and gives workshops combining expressive art therapy and group analysis.

On her role as IIGA chair, she initiated and was part of many projects for the benefit of conflict resolution in different communities in Israel. 

She was co-chair of the 2nd and 2rd Israeli  IIGA International workshop in Gonen, 2013, 2016, and of "Citizen in War" International conference in Prague 2016.