• Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor
  • Group Analyst
  • Individual, Couple and Group Therapist

Robi Friedman, PhD. Born in Uruguay, to German and Czech refugees, married,  three children and seven grandchildren. Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst,  former President of the Group Analytic Society (International). Co – founder of the  Israeli Institute of Group Analysis and former President; Past- President of the Israeli Association for Group Psychotherapy. Writes on Dreamtelling and Relational Disorders. Works in private practice and teaches at the IIGA and  Haifa University, conducts conflict dialogues with Palestinians and co-leads with Volkan and Alderdice a West/Islam dialogue called IDI (International Dialogue Initiative).

20 Haagstr. 34980 Haifa, ISRAEL. robif@netvision.net.il


Co-edited books: 

  • ‘Dreams and Group Psychotherapy’ (2002), JKP, with Neri and Pines. 
  • Navarro,L., Friedman,R. and Schwartzberg,S, Eds,(2011): 'Desire,Passion and Gender', Clinical Implications, New York, Nova.


Some Articles: 

  • ‘Where to look? Supervising Group Analysis – A Relations Disorder Perspective’ (2007), in Group Analysis, Vol. 40(2):251-268; ‘Dream Telling as a Request for Containment – Three Uses of Dreams in Group Therapy, (2008) in Int. Jo of Group Psychotherapy, Vol. 58(3). 
  • Friedman, R.(2011) Uniting and Dividing the Genders: A Dialogue on Desire and Passion. In: Navarro,L., Friedman,R. and Schwartzberg,S(Eds) (2011): Desire, Passion and Gender, Clinical Implications,pp. 121-139. New York, Nova.
  • Friedman, R (2011) Dreams and Dreamtelling: A Group Approach, pp. 479-499. In Kleinberg, J.L. Ed.(2011) The Wiley‑Blackwell  Handbook of  Group Psychotherapy, First Edition. Edited by Jeffrey L. Kleinberg.  John Wiley                & Sons, Ltd 
  • Ins Deutsche uebersetzt: 
  • Friedman, R. (2003) Das Erzaehlen von Traeumen als ein Wunsch nach Containment – Ueberdenken der                gruppenanalytischen Arbeit mit  Trauemen. Gruppenanalyse. 13, 2.
  • Friedman, R (2005b) Zwischen Traumdiagnostik und Traumfuntion. Der Traum  des Einzelnen und zwischenmenschliche  Aspekte des  Traeumens und des  Erzaehlen von Traeumen. Journal fuer Psychoanalyse.(pp. 52-62) Psychoanalytisches Seminar Zuerich. 
  • Friedman, R. (2007) In der Gruppenanalyse heilen die Stoerungen einander – eine Beziehungsperspektive. Psychosozial, 30. Jg. Heft 1 (Nr. 107), pp. 57-77